Peace and Love

I wrote this for a friend who needed some chill background funk behind some spoken word stuff. I called it “Peace and Love” because of the spoken content. I created it on June 12, 2005 in an hour or so.

Music for 06-27-06a

Baby I’m a Star by Prince. I took my new Blue Snowball out to the garage today to try it out. I scratched up some vocal tracks for about an hour. It’s all first and second take stuff. It turned out pretty good but I need more time to get a feel for it. That’s part of the reason I’m covering this song. To get time on the mic. 140bpm in the key of D.

Mother F**ker

Warning: Explicit lyrics. I wrote this years ago. Probably between 1998 and 2000. I could nail it down but I don’t really care that much. It’s a smooth laid back rap by me with a guitar solo from David Gelfand. But what really gets me is Brian Sach’s drums. Brian and I were riding the same waveform.

Music for 06-24-06

Baby I’m a Star by Prince. I f’ed up the form on the yesterday’s version. Now I’ve got it right. I’ll put the vocals and more synth down tomorrow. 140bpm in the key of D.

Music for 06-23-06c

Baby I’m a Star by Prince. So far I’ve got the loops, acoustic bass, piano, clav, and hammond. I’ve got most of the form together except for the ending and maybe the last couple shout choruses. 140bpm in the key of D.

Music for 06-23-06a

This is a 90bpm gospel/R&B shuffle in Ab. The chord progression goes from Ab9 to GbMAJ7/Ab. Occasionally I drop down to a Gb13 which inspired a nice sounding turnaround. This groove would make a good vamp.