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About Graham English

Graham is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and jazz-trained keyboard player who specializes in vintage keys, synthesizers, and Hammond B3. He's an audio expert and the best-selling author of Logic Pro X For Dummies.

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Recent Posts

Music for 02-23-06d

This is an edit of the track before. It’s a pop rock ballad (u2, coldplay); EbMAJ7, BbMAJ7. You can hear the verse and chorus shaping up with a melody, form and changes. I’m going to write the lyrics and FINISH this one.

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Music for 02-23-06c

This is the work in progress of the next song. No need to listen to this unless you want to hear me composing. Around 12:00 I start to find what I’m looking for.

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Music for 02-23-06b

A 90bpm funk Gmin7 groove (Dorian). No vocals in this but it’s got a nasty groove played by a moth3rfuck3r. Maybe it’s the K2600 to my left. 😎

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Music for 02-22-06

I set up my clav above the hammond and the wurly to the right. The hammond has two mics on it and the wurly is direct. The clav is direct and running through a Line 6 Pod. The sample is an Apple Loop. Don’t remember the name. Abmin13 120bpm.

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