Entrepreneurship & Personal Development

Empower your personal growth and entrepreneurial journey with Graham English's expert coaching. Discover tailor-made programs designed to help you build sustainable habits, enhance your music career, and achieve peak performance.

Tiny Habits for Music Success

Embrace B.J. Fogg's renowned Tiny Habits method, customized for musicians by a certified coach. Develop powerful, lasting habits that drive long-term success in your music career: Tiny Habits for Music Success

Tiny Habits Coaching

Ready to transform your life with the power of Tiny Habits? As a certified Tiny Habits Coach, Graham English is here to help you build lasting habits quickly and efficiently. Learn more and start your journey: Tiny Habits Coaching

Email Marketing for Musicians

Unlock the power of email marketing to supercharge your music career! Learn how to engage, entertain, and convert your email subscribers into loyal fans and paying customers with this comprehensive coaching program: Email Marketing for Musicians

Peak Performance Coaching Program

Outperform yourself and reach new heights in just 90 days! Join the Peak Performance Coaching Program and experience unprecedented growth in your personal and professional life: Peak Performance Coaching Program