Music for 06-23-06c

Baby I’m a Star by Prince. So far I’ve got the loops, acoustic bass, piano, clav, and hammond. I’ve got most of the form together except for the ending and maybe the last couple shout choruses. 140bpm in the key of D.

Music for 06-23-06a

This is a 90bpm gospel/R&B shuffle in Ab. The chord progression goes from Ab9 to GbMAJ7/Ab. Occasionally I drop down to a Gb13 which inspired a nice sounding turnaround. This groove would make a good vamp.

Music from 06-15-06

I captured this quickly. I’m experimenting with motion in the bass and piano at first. Then I try to bring some contrast into the chord progression. It’s not quite right, but I try it a few more times anyway. I hear a quiet vocal melody teasing the rhythm and motion of the piano and bass. Mainly quarter notes and some syncopation to turn the rhythm around.

On My Feet Again

And where there’s life. There will be hope to rise. ON MY FEET AGAIN. And with this hope. I’ll find the strength to rise. ON MY FEET AGAIN