Books, Courses, and Coaching Programs

Explore your creativity and reach your full potential with Graham English, a multi-talented musician, author, and coach.

Discover his books, courses, and coaching programs designed to help you excel in music, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

Master Music Production and Songwriting

Elevate your music skills with expert guidance from Graham English. Dive into Logic Pro, enhance your songwriting, and hone your musical prowess with these resources:

  • Logic Pro For Dummies
    Supercharge your music production with Apple's premier recording software, Logic Pro. Learn the secrets of Logic Pro with this comprehensive guide and take your sound to new heights: Logic Pro For Dummies
  • Logic Studio Training
    Discover a comprehensive tutorial site for Logic Pro, MainStage, and Mac Audio. Master the art of music production with expert instruction: Logic Studio Training
  • Speed Songwriting
    Write your next hit in record time! Learn how to craft your next song in just 7 fast and easy steps with the Speed Songwriting method: Speed Songwriting

Empower Your Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth

Transform your life and achieve your goals with Graham English's expert coaching. Experience personalized support and guidance for a happier, more successful life:

  • Tiny Habits Coaching
    Ready to build habits super fast? As a certified Tiny Habits Coach, Graham English can help you create powerful, lasting changes in your life. Learn more and start your transformation: Tiny Habits Coaching
  • Email Marketing for Musicians Coaching Program
    Boost your music career with the power of email marketing! Learn to engage, entertain, and convert your subscribers into loyal fans and paying customers. Join the Email Marketing for Musicians Coaching Program: Email Marketing for Musicians
  • Peak Performance Coaching Program
    Accomplish more in the next 90 days than you did all of last year! Join the Peak Performance Coaching Program and realize your full potential: Peak Performance Coaching Program

Discover the Secrets of Music with Graham's Books

Dive into Graham English's insightful books and learn how to maximize your music practice and master the art of songwriting:

  • The Music Practice Planner: Templates and Tips for Success
    Optimize your practice sessions and boost your performance with expert advice and ready-to-use templates. Achieve your musical goals with The Music Practice Planner
  • The Art of Songwriting: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Great Songs
    Master the elements of exceptional songwriting with this definitive guide. Explore melody, harmony, lyrics, and arrangement techniques to create unforgettable music. Begin your journey with The Art of Songwriting