Books, Courses, and Coaching Programs

Logic Pro and Music

Make more music with Logic Pro X For Dummies, Logic Studio Training, and Speed Songwriting!

  • Logic Pro X For Dummies
    Crank your sound up to X with Apple’s premier recording software and Logic Pro X For Dummies: Logic Pro X For Dummies
  • Logic Studio Training
    A Logic Pro, MainStage, and Mac Audio tutorial site: Logic Studio Training
  • Speed Songwriting
    How to write your next song in 7 fast and easy steps: Speed Songwriting

Entrepreneurship and Personal Development

Live a happier, more successful life with the support of a life coach who is completely invested in your success.

  • Tiny Habits Coaching
    You’ve heard of Tiny Habits? I’m a certified Tiny Habits Coach and would love to help you build habits super fast! Find out more here: Tiny Habits Coaching
  • Peak Performance Coaching Program
    Achieve more in the next 90 days than you did all of last year with the Peak Performance Coaching Program