Why I Created Speed Songwriting

I created "SpeedSongwriting.com" 10 years ago because I was stuck in a rut and needed an immediate solution.

Since then, all my wildest dreams have come true!

Try these 12 ChatGPT prompts for powerful and emotional songwriting…

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Hey there, Speed Songwriter!

If you're looking to expand your song ideas with ChatGPT, you can try using prompts that help you dive deeper into themes, emotions, or other aspects of your song.

Here are some cool suggestions for you:

Going deeper into a theme or emotion:
• Give this a shot: "Explore forgiveness from different angles, using rich examples and vivid pictures."
• What about: "Dive into the feeling of hope, talking about its many sides and how it shapes different life experiences."

Uncovering the backstory or context:
• Try this one: "Craft a verse that unveils the story behind a character's feelings or actions in the song, using lively and engaging language."
• Or this: "Whip up a chorus that sets the scene for the main theme, using imaginative metaphors and new expressions."

Bringing in contrasting elements:
• How about: "Compose a bridge that adds a contrasting emotion or viewpoint to the main theme, using fresh language and intriguing ideas."
• And this: "Pen a verse that contrasts two opposite emotions or situations, using powerful images and creative language."

Discovering various stages or phases:
• Give it a go: "Write lyrics that capture the development of a relationship, showing its many stages and changes with vivid language."
• Or maybe: "Create a verse that illustrates different stages of personal growth, using one-of-a-kind metaphors and perceptive language."

Experimenting with point-of-view or narrative structure:
• Check this out: "Author a verse from a different point-of-view, bringing new insights into the main theme or emotion."
• Here's another: "Put together a chorus that changes the narrative perspective, using artistic language and storytelling techniques."

Mixing in external influences or references:
• Why not try: "Produce lyrics that include references to literature, art, or history, offering a unique and enriching angle on the main theme."
• Or this: "Develop a verse that hints at cultural or social influences, using captivating language and evocative imagery."

By playing with these prompts or customizing them for your song's specific needs, you'll be able to expand your ideas and create richer, more layered lyrics with ChatGPT.

Have fun!

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