Fear The Monk was a song-oriented funky rock project. It gets dark and intense at times, but it always grooves and there’s some killer musicianship in there. It’s burnin’!

This Never-Released Album From The Vault was a labor of love. We sharpened our songwriting skills, polished our chops, and aimed for the stars. Even if we never reached orbit, I’m proud of the work we did and I hope you enjoy it, too!

This album was self-produced and shopped around in the early 2000s. It got us some good gigs (like opening for rock legends Cheap Trick) but it wasn’t enough to keep the band together. Fear The Monk was a killer group of guys that always makes me feel nostalgic for old times and heavy-duty playing!

I’ve got a feeling that you’ll enjoy this musical snapshot from the vault. Thanks for your support.

A quick word about who you’re hearing. I’m on Vocals, Keys, and some guitar. Brian Sachs is on the drums. Bass is by Ian Anderson with a nod to original bass player, Jacques Armand. Guitar is played by Frank Ocasio or Dave Gelfand. Songs were written by Graham English, Brian Sachs, Dave Gelfand, and Jacques Armand.

(The song titles link to the MP3. Right-click and Save As or single-click and stream from your browser. Download the full zip here.)

  • Move On – Passionate and dreamlike. “Five o’clock yesterday, I dreamt of leaving you behind.”
  • Gone, Gone, Gone – Huge chorus. Creative arrangement. Sick guitar solo! “You’re gone, gone. No longer we. And you’re done on me?”
  • Rescue Me – Dark and moody. Build and builds. Spiritual chanting. “He’s been looking for the wise man.”
  • We’re Alive – Upbeat and hard driving. “We’re Alive. Can you feel it!”
  • Circles – Inspired by Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild. Spacious and huge. “There’s no mercy in Circles.”
  • True Home – Epic rock! Fully written in a dream. “Fearless mystic, lifting the veil.”
  • Last Toast – Slow and dirty funk. Synth bass and talk box. Another blast off guitar solo! “Last Toast from a paper cup.”
  • Reasons – An ambitious prog rock riffer with a piercing synth solo. Sadly, it’s about an unfulfilled wish. “The Reasons we’re not going away.”