Music for 12-07-06

This is a verse and chorus I came up with tonight. I’m not really sure how I want to modulate back and forth from major to minor yet. The rhythm of the melody and harmony don’t provide much contrast but the move from minor to major might be enough. Another...


I cowrote this song many years ago with my former band, [tag]Fear The Monk[/tag]. I had very little to do with the writing actually. I think I came up with a portion of the melody in the verse but none of the lyrics. I dig the groove in the chorus but not much more...


And I need north to be true. Or spin lost in this CIRCLE. And now my days to be are few. There’s no mercy in CIRCLES

True Home

All we really need to get by is the love that we make today. All we really need in this life is the love that we’ve thrown away