3 Ways You Can Start Writing Songs Faster Right Now

I hope you realize how valuable your time is.

If you’re middle-aged or heading there, you probably already do. But if you’re younger, well, let’s say that vintage musicians like myself know all too well that when time passes, it’s gone for good. And that’s usually a lesson you only learn as you get older.

Every moment that you’re alive is an opportunity. And if you’ve got things that you need to say, you need to write. But do it quickly. Life is too short.

Here are three ways you can start writing songs faster right now:

1. Get organized

If you want to write faster, organize your writing process and tools.

Make sure you can write wherever you are, and you never have to leave a creative zone to find something you need.

2. Don’t edit until you’ve completed your first draft

You’re wasting time if you polish before you’ve written your first draft.

It’s like cleaning from the top down. That way, you clean everything that has fallen to the floor last. But if you start at the bottom, all the dust and debris will fall from the tables and shelves, and you’ll have to re-clean the floor.

3. Optimize your process

I guarantee you’re doing something that’s slowing you down.

We all do. We all have room for improvement.

You can get a crash course on optimizing your songwriting process at Speed Songwriting.

Bonus Tip: Turn off spell check

All of those red lines are causing you to backtrack. Even if you don’t go back and fix the errors, the red lines affect your attention, concentration, and ability to write better and faster.

Happy songwriting!