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Kitty Hawk

This song was inspired by Dance Punk artists like LCD Soundsystem and !!! and by an episode of WNYC’s Radio Lab on the Wright Brothers.

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10-11-07 Dmin 88bpm

This slow techno/R&B track begins with A phrygian chord and is tonally centered on Dmin Aeolian. I was playing around with the new Logic Pro 8 Template Chooser and used the basic electronic template as my palette. I quickly came up with a simple descending synth hook that I liked. I’m also playing around with […]

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Breaking And Entering

I wrote this with two things in mind. First, picture a group of super hip guys and one really hot girl in a get away car after an extremely intricate and adrenaline boosting heist. This is the soundtrack.

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Peace and Love

I wrote this for a friend who needed some chill background funk behind some spoken word stuff. I called it “Peace and Love” because of the spoken content. I created it on June 12, 2005 in an hour or so.

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Music for 06-27-06a

Baby I’m a Star by Prince. I took my new Blue Snowball out to the garage today to try it out. I scratched up some vocal tracks for about an hour. It’s all first and second take stuff. It turned out pretty good but I need more time to get a feel for it. That’s […]

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