I cowrote this song many years ago with my former band, [tag]Fear The Monk[/tag]. I had very little to do with the writing actually. I think I came up with a portion of the melody in the verse but none of the lyrics. I dig the groove in the chorus but not much more...


And I need north to be true. Or spin lost in this CIRCLE. And now my days to be are few. There’s no mercy in CIRCLES

Mother F**ker

Warning: Explicit lyrics. I wrote this years ago. Probably between 1998 and 2000. I could nail it down but I don’t really care that much. It’s a smooth laid back rap by me with a guitar solo from David Gelfand. But what really gets me is Brian Sach’s drums. Brian and I were riding the same waveform.

On My Feet Again

And where there’s life. There will be hope to rise. ON MY FEET AGAIN. And with this hope. I’ll find the strength to rise. ON MY FEET AGAIN